Kitchen Compost Bins - 5.5 quarts


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These compost containers are ideal for small to large home composting systems and easy to use for all ages. Great for school composting programs and large scale municipal programs. In demonstrating their support of sustainable environments, all organic recycling and compost bins manufactured by Busch Systems are made from a minimum 35% recycled plastic. Portable and lightweight, this counter top container makes composting easy.

  • Compact design can be hung from 2 screws on a cabinet door
  • Snap-lock lid opens and closes effortlessly with one hand
  • Carbon filtering system is the most effective odor filtration system available
  • Completely smooth interior and rounded corners make for easy cleaning and are dishwasher safe
  • Fits all standard paper and plastic composting bags
  • Sturdy handle for convenient transport
  • First carbon filter included

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