EIN-O's Box Kit - Hydropower


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How can moving water turn a wheel? How does a hydroelectric power plant work? This Hydropower kit answers these questions and so many more. Additionally, it teaches the features of hydropower and ways that scientists are using it to replace fossil fuel energy today -- all through fun, hands-on experiments that further the educational experience. With the Ein-O I Know Guide, young scientists will learn why hydropower is good for the environment, build a water wheel and a water turbine and learn how kinetic energy turns into mechanical energy. Includes water wheel, hose, water turbine, support rod, propeller, rotation bar, base stand, 4 picture cards and a convenient plastic storage box. Collect all 4 green energy kits! For ages 8+.

Busy hands build strong minds! Children are curious by nature and one of the best ways for them to learn is by asking "how does it work?" These Ein-O Box Kits set out to answer basic science hows and whys and to reinforce learning through hands-on exploration. By building problem-solving skills children develop a thirst for additional learning and educational experiences.

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