Amphibious Solar Vehicle Kit

Amphibious Solar Vehicle Kit


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It's street tough; water ready boat and solar powered. It would be difficult to find a beginner robotic kit more fun and educational than the Amphibious Solar Vehicle! This kit introduces fundamentals of solar power through hands-on experiments. The sun or any intense mobile light can power the solar cell (included). A multiple function switch (solar [1.4 volt; 350mA] or battery) allows this kit to be energized day or night; indoors or outdoors. Its scientifically structured catamaran design reduces water resistance; thus reducing the possibility of capsizing. The user can explore different types of energy conversion with this land and water vehicle. Learn what materials solar cells are made from and the characteristics of solar cells; advantages and disadvantages of solar power.

Dr. Toy; Stevanne Auerbach; Ph.D.; author; consultant and expert on child development and children's products says; PHENOMENAL! - Amphibious Solar Vehicle is the toy for the new millennium...Land; Water; Solar Power; WOW! This is the way future technology is taking us.

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