Collector's Edition Slinky

Collector's Edition Slinky


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The classic Slinky is made in the USA and packaged in recycled materials.
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Directions for having fun with SLINKY

Place SLINKY on the top step of your stairs, then lift one end and let go, so that the end falls on the middle of the next lower step. SLINKY with then walk down the stairs step by step, or down an incline surface.

Hold SLINKY in both hands. First move one hand slightly above the other, now shift, raising the other hand to a slightly higher position. See how SLINKY moves as if he were alive. Fun fact: An outstretched Slinky is just 2 ¼ inches long. You can tease it out to about 15 feet without doing any permanent damage. But if you stretch it out completely, it extends to almost 500 times its original length -- a whopping 87 feet.

Made in the U.S.A. and packaged in recyclable materials.

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