Sun-Mar 200 Drum Composter

Sun-Mar 200 Drum Composter


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Designed by Mike Wilkinson, president of North America's top composting toilet maker, The Sun-Mar Composters are top-notch for kitchen and garden waste. They employ a patented, rotating dual drum that produces compost faster than traditional methods. Unlike other composters that require you to stop adding material at some point, you can load these models continuously. By the time compost reaches the output port, it has become a light, fluffy end product.

Material is added by sliding the input door open. To mix and aerate the compost, the drum is rotated using four finger friendly slots running along the outside of the drum. Compost is removed by opening the output port, rotating the drum and allowing compost to fall from the inner drum into a bushel basket or other container.

Included with the Sun-Mar 200 are optional rollers, which can be snapped into the cradle base to make it easier to move the unit when it is on a hard surface.


  • Drum Volume: 195 Liters (approx.: 6 bushel or 50 gallon)
  • Height: 31"
  • Depth: 24"
  • Overall Length: 33.5"
  • Product weight: 38 lbs

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