Zero Down Solar!

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Go Solar. Save Money.

Did you know that by going solar, you'll lock in a low, fixed electricity rate from day one? Solar is a great alternative to traditional utility electricity. It can lower your bills AND your carbon footprint, and it's more affordable than ever!

And how about that planet we call home? Solar power is a clean, reliable and healthy energy source. No coal mining or oil spills here - and the solar industry is bringing new jobs to American soil every day.

But the best news is that solar is affordable! Yes, we are repeating ourselves, but we think this is worth repeating. Lease a system for as little as $0 down and pay a much lower bill for your electricity - month after month, year after year.

Pay as You Go.

The Real Goods Solar PowerSavings Plan™ offers flexible payment options for homeowners. We'll install and own a solar system on your home, and you'll only pay for the solar power you use from it! The system comes with a warranty, is transferable if you move, and since we own it, we're responsible for any repairs and maintenance!

Actual prices and percentage saved may vary and are dependent on your home, electricity usage and utility company.

Why Choose Real Goods Solar?

Real Goods Solar has been lowering electricity bills across the U.S. since 1978. With over 14,500 installations under our belt, we're helping our customers save $$$. Our solar homeowners are generating over 100 MW of clean power, which helps to conserve limited resources like water and oil, pristine forests, and fresh air. How awesome is that? Totally awesome.

Join our growing list of satisfied solar customers, including NASA, Disney, Yale University, the U.S. Navy, Timex, Stonyfield Farms, Tiffany & Co and, quite possibly, your own neighbor.

"We're saving money and doing something we feel great about. And as electricity rates go up, we'll save even more. Real Goods provided great service and took care of every detail."

Betsy, homeowner
Marin County, CA