Scrap Collector Freezer Compost Bin


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No Yard? No worries. Our Scrap Happy scrap collector & freezer compost bin makes counter clean up easy and allows you to collect compostables in even the smallest apartment. There's no mess or smell because you can store your compost in the freezer! Simply hang the wire rim over a drawer, scoop your scraps into the bin, and pop it in the freezer. Doing your part for the planet was never this low-maintenance.

  •     Wire rim attaches to drawer to easily scoop scraps off your counter
  •     Pop in freezer- scraps remain frozen until compost time- no mess, no smell, no flies
  •     Flexible silicone fits anywhere in the freezer and still keeps its shape
  •     Easy to empty- simply invert and push on bottom of bin
  •     100% dishwasher safe

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