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Homesteading & Off-Grid

Homesteading practices and self-sufficiency are no longer relegated to romantic notions of the West. When Real Goods started in 1978, many of our customers were people living in off-grid homesteads, often in remote, rural areas. But times have changed, and today people all over desire the tools and skills needed to live independently - even in urban areas.

Homesteading can be as simple as taking control over part of our food and water supply (for example, gardening and harvesting rainwater), or as thorough as developing a complete off-grid homestead and severing our dependence on public utilities. Whatever your level of interest in homesteading and homestead living, Real Goods has the solutions to get you confidently self-sufficient.

"It's not just rural anymore. The Urban Homesteading movement is thriving, and more and more people want to incorporate renewable energy, sustainable water management, food growing and permaculture, and other 'heirloom skills' into city living."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 12: Urban Homesteading