Green Toys Fire Truck


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This hot red Fire Truck features an extension ladder on top, removable ladder on the side and hours of playtime fun for your budding fireman! Molded from 100% post-consumer plastics and completely non-toxic, the Green Toys Fire Truck is a new, socially-responsible take on a classic. Hours of fun once your child joins the Green Toys Fire Department! 100% made in USA, Green Toys is definitely doing their part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save energy at the same time—what’s not to like? Appropriate for children ages 1 year and up. Green Toys are made from food-grade recycled plastics that meet all international safety standards, contain no BPA, PVC, or phthalates and are dishwasher safe. And yes when this hardy fire truck has outlived its hopefully long life, each Green Toy is made to be 100% recyclable, as indicated by its # 2 recycling symbol imprinted on its underside.

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