Green Toys Ecosaucer Flying Disc

Green Toys Ecosaucer Flying Disc


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Fashioned completely from recycled plastic, the Eco Saucer Flying Disc is more fun than you can shake a recycled milk jug at! For ages 5 and up, flying discs help to improve hand-eye coordination while encouraging healthy outdoor play in an ecologically-sound way. All Green Toys are made from 100% recycled, completely non-toxic plastics (like milk bottles). Have a great time while supporting a truly ‘green’ company. All Green Toys are made exclusively in the USA from 100% recycled goods, reducing greenhouse gasses and saving energy, too! Green Toys are made from food-grade recycled plastics that meet all international safety standards, contain no BPA, PVC, or phthalates and are dishwasher safe. And yes when this hardy flying disc has outlived its hopefully long life, each Green Toy is made to be 100% recyclable, as indicated by its # 2 recycling symbol imprinted on its underside.

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