CuZn Nature Safe Bath Ball Water Filter

CuZn Nature Safe Bath Ball Water Filter


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One of a Kind - The Only Filter Designed To Filter Bath Water

Supple, Smooth Skin And Soft, Silky, Manageable Hair

The CuZn™ Bath Ball™ is for people who want a quick, messless way to fill their bath with clean, filtered water. The Bath Ball utilizes the new PowerDisk™ patented FilterFoam™ technology, designed exclusively by CuZn™ for water filter applications. The new PowerDisk™ will eliminate dirt, sediment, odors and chlorine that causes dry, itchy, flaky skin, brittle hair, eye, lung and sinus irritation.

  • Your bathtub will stay cleaner longer because the filter reduces lime scale, mold, and mildew deposits
  • Helps to soften your water naturally (without salt!!)
  • Leaves your skin supple and smooth and your hair soft, silky and manageable.
  • The New, Patented  FilterFoam® PowerDisk™ Non-Carbon Based Filtration Media That's Non-Toxic and Recyclable.
  • BB-104 removes/reduces both free and combined chlorines
  • Compact Design
  • Easy to Install, Hangs from Tub Spout
  • Disk lasts up to 1 year

Model: BB-104

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