Aerobie AeroPress 1-4 Cup Coffee and Espresso Maker

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Aerobie AeroPress 1-4 Cup Coffee and Espresso Maker

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Aerobie, manufacturer of the popular flying rings have come up with an easy to use alternative to the common french press. Claimed by many to be capable of making the best cup of coffee you will ever taste, this coffee maker is made out of BPA FREE plastic and surprisingly easy to use and maintain

How to Use:

  • 1. Place a filter on the bottom of the Aeropress
  • 2. Place the Aeropress on top of your favorite coffee mug
  • 3. Put a measured scoop of coffee into the brewing chamber
  • 4. Pour hot water into the brewing chamber
  • 5. Using the included stirrer, mix the coffee and water
  • 6. Waittwenty seconds, and place the plunger on top of the brewing chamber
  • 7. Push down gently on the plunger
  • 8. When the plunger reaches the bottom, pop out the puck of coffee grounds into the garbage
  • 9. Enjoy a delicious cup of freshly pressed coffee!

In the Box:

  • Aeropress plunger
  • Funnel for coffee grounds
  • Coffee scoop
  • Coffee stirrer
  • A year's supply of micro-filters