Bambu Hybrid Chop Block


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Bambu at home. A distinctive range of contemporary products for the kitchen and home made from renewable materials. Bambu products are created with imagination and integrity and are intended to be used and enjoyed everyday. Our designs celebrate form, color and texture using low impact materials and processes. The products are tested and approved for food safety and all packaging material is made from certified sources, 100-percent recycled fiber or is recyclable. It's design with the planet in mind. Bambu provides design solutions made from renewable materials that excite and delight people about sustainable alternatives for modern living. This heavy duty chop block is a combination of two renewable materials: cork and bamboo. One side of this block is made of high-density cork which is surprisingly durable, slip resistant, impermeable to liquids, and kind to knives. Cork is a remarkably renewable resource- harvesting cork bark does not harm the tree. The reverse side and core of the block is made from sustainably harvested bamboo. To clean: hand wash in warm soapy water and wipe dry.

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