Original Spaghetti Scrub - Coarse, 2 pack

Original Spaghetti Scrub - Coarse, 2 pack


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Tired of ruining your lighter-duty scrubbers on those big, tough jobs? The Coarse Spaghetti Scrub is the answer for metal cookware, kettles, grills, your toughest cleaning jobs just got easier. Made with corn cob core powder, cotton and polyester, these scrubbers also work great for scrubbing potatoes or carrots and other root vegetables. You’ll find no end of jobs for these handy little doohickeys, and you’ll be helping the planet at the same time by reducing your use of detergents. As with any abrasive cleaner, you’ll want to test these in an inconspicuous spot when using on an item for the first time. Simply moisten with water, roll it up into a ball and scrub away. It will get a bit softer with use and you can then graduate it to smaller lighter cleaning jobs. Dries quickly, limiting opportunities for mold or bacteria. Lasts and lasts, job after job. Roll up those sleeves and prepare to be amazed! Use for - General cleaning, removing stains from metal cookware, kettles, sinks, grills, and peeling the skin off of vegetables Materials -Corn core powder, cotton, polyester How to use - Moisten with water, roll up into a ball and only a dab of soap if desired - Scrub will get softer with use - Rinse and hang to dry thoroughly after each use

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