Nellie's PVC-Free Dryer Balls


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Enjoy wrinkle- and static-free clothes without chemical softeners. These reusable PVC-free Dryer Balls gently separate clothes for soft, fluffy results and faster drying times. Use both dryer balls in each load for the entire drying cycle; safe with any fabric. For a gentle scent, add a pure soy wax and essential-oil paper fragrance sticks (sold separately) into the dryer balls. Your clothes come out smelling clean and fresh. Set of two Dryer Balls; each 3¼"L x 3" diameter. Sold as a set of two.


  • Made with safe, PVC-free plastic
  • Completely recyclable dryer balls
  • Reduces drying time and saves energy
  • Softens fabrics without chemical fabric softeners
  • Clothing comes out soft and fluffy
  • Reduces static and lint buildup
  • Cuts down on ironing with less wrinkling

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