ChemFree Toilet Bowl Cleaner


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No more scrubbing!

This safe and sanitary toilet bowl cleaner is guaranteed to keep your toilet clean through 50,000 flushes. Just drop the ChemFree cartridge into the toilet tank and let your worries float away while it prevents mineral particles from forming stains and hard-to-remove rings around the bowl.

  • Prevents fungus and mildew build-up, while inhibiting bacteria growth.
  • Safe for children, pets, septic systems, and the environment.

    • No. 1 bowl cleaner12/6/2013

    By Anna

    I first purchased your bowl cleaner in 2008. We had just moved into a new house and I purchased 3 for each of our three bathrooms. I was still using them until recently but I bought 3 new ones to be sure I would not have to worry for the next five years. I heartily recommend your product.

    • Seems to Work8/29/2013

    By Scott

    It's a subtle and long-term thing to observe, but this product seems to stop the formation of hard deposits (from water) on the porcelain in the toilet bowl, and has eliminated the need to keep scraping surface deposits off with pumice. I don't know of any other product that can do this. I don't know what mineral is involved, what's inside the product, or how or why it works, but, we like it!

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