Solar Tea Lantern, Dimpled Metal


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Catching the sun's rays by day, the sweet new Solar Tea Lantern lights up by night to cast a warm romantic glow from within. Clean and quaint, each hand-blown glass lantern is embedded with a combination of luminescence and white glass. Unlike most other solar lights, this lantern utilizes a "warm white" LED, for a natural, inviting glow. For instant ambiance, add a little romance to every evening enjoyed outdoors!

The solar tea lantern has many uses: Nestle in the garden, sit flat on a tabletop, deck, patio or stairway, or carry by hand to light the way by night.


  • High Quality Glass
  • Beautiful signature design
  • Warm white glowing LED
  • Available in Dotted Design and Honeypot Design
  • Handle on top
  • Rechargeable Nickel Battery
  • Solar Collector

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