Share A Watt - Portable Surge Protector

Share A Watt - Portable Surge Protector


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These days people carry around multiple electronic devices with them at all times. So when you are out and about and your battery is dying, and there is nary an unoccupied outlet in sight, simply suggest to Share A Watt.

The Share A Watt is a travel-sized power strip that can help you free up scarce and valuable outlets in public places, whenever you need it. With ample space to plug in things like chargers and battery packs. It also protects your essential electronics against power surges. Use it to plug in your own devices or share with someone already using a power receptacle.

Charging your devices on the go has never been more convenient, whether you're headed for coffee at your local cafe or picking one up to go while you wait at the airport. The Share A Watt is the perfect companion, Share Smarter.

  • Perfect for frequent travelers
  • Built in Surge Protection with LED indicator
  • Two Grounded Outlets & Two USB Ports
  • Flexible Cable with Low Profile Plug


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