Miracle LED Ultra Grow Lite

Miracle LED Ultra Grow Lite


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SKU: R20602

MiracleLED® Commercial Hydroponic Grow Bulb

Replacing OLD, HOT, EXPENSIVE GROW LIGHTS can save $67/ per year PER BULB!

MiracleLED® Professional ULTRA GROW LITE Hydroponic LED bulb… WITH MASSIVE 1900 MICROMOLES of light! The same Hydroponic technology used by the pros! Plants want 1900 Micromoles of DAYLIGHT to grow and flower indoors!

You won’t see the electric meter spinning when you use this bulb and the heat output is almost non existent!
amazing life of 30,000+ hours - Runs for pennies per month!

These bulbs run 20 times LONGER than inefficient incandescent grow lights! They run at least 10 times longer than those nasty CFL bulbs that are full of mercury and slow to start. Only 5 Watts of light that like to keep on running WITHOUT THE HEAT that harms growth.

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