FX/VFX AC Board - Spare Parts for VFX3524 inverter FX-AC VFX3524


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The OutBack VFX 3524 is a modular "building block" sinewave inverter/charger and can be used for both small and large power systems. Each OutBack VFX 3524 inverter/charger is on its own complete power conversion system--DC to AC inverter, battery charger, and AC transfer switch.

Additional inverter/chargers can be connected at any time in parallel (120 VAC), series (120/240 VAC), or even three-phase (120/208VAC) configuration. This allows the system to easily be tailored to your specific power conversion needs. Inverters can be connected (i.e. stacked) at installation or afterwards if you need to expand your system.

The full-screened vent openings are "bug-proof" and the die-cast aluminum chassis protects and keeps the power conversion components cool in very hot environments even when operated at high power for extended periods. The OutBack VFX series inverter/charger system is designed for both residential and commercial stand-alone or backup power applications with battery energy storage. It is designed to operate as a coordinated system with the other OutBack products.

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