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Anyone who wants to keep up to date with the output data of their installation, yet does not want to run to the inverter to read off the values every time, can now use the Personal Display.  Simply place it in the desired room at home and you can read off all the current data from up to 15 inverters at any time. Data transmission from the inverter to the Personal Display is executed via radio transmission. Each inverter to be monitored requires a Wireless Personal Display Card.

At night the Personal Display presents the collected data from the previous day.

Installation is simple: just insert the Wireless Personal Display Card into the Fronius inverter, attach the antenna on or close to the inverter, set up the Personal Display in the house and you're all set.  The Display comes complete with rechargeable batteries and a charger.

Requires: Fronius IG Wireless Personal Display Card

The wireless radio link makes this all possible, whether you use Fronius DATCOM or not

Fronius Personal Display

Fronius DATCOM Operating Instructions

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