Fronius 4240104 Sensor box for IG inverters


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It is possible to install various sensors into the Fronius DATCOM system. These permit an in-depth look into the way the PV system works and make it possible to draw informed conclusions about the overall performance. As usual, this option is available either as a plug-in card or as box.

Plug-in cards are recommended for a maximum distance of 65 - 100ft between the inverter and sensor(s). Larger distances can be bridged using the box.

The following sensors can be connected to the Sensor Box:

  • irradiance

  • ambient temperature

  • module temperature

  • energy counter

  • wind speed

The Fronius Sensor Box provides an interface with 6 sensor input channels for use within DatCom System

  • 2 ea. temperature channels (PT 1000)

  • 1 ea. Irradiance channel (Voltage input 0-1V)

  • 2 ea. Digital Inputs

  • 1 ea. Standard 20 ma current interface

Fronius DATCOM Operating Instructions

Fronius Datalogger Quick Installation Guide

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