Fronius 4240103 Datalogger Easy Box, 1 IG inverter


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Fronius Datalogger Pro Box - 4,240,103

The Datalogger Pro stores data from up to 100 inverters and 10 Sensor Cards / Boxes, along with your programmed sensor constants and other information.

Datalogger Pro can manage and store operating data for the following maximum number of system components. Multiple inverters may be monitored with the following equipment with (1) Pro Box, (1) Com Card for each inverter. (100 inverters max.)

  • 100 solar inverters from the Fronius IG or Fronius IG Plus series

  • (several types may be combined, e.g. IG 15 and IG 60 with an internal and external housing)

  • 10 sensor cards / boxes

  • 10 public display cards / boxes

  • 1 interface card / box

  • 200 string controls

Fronius IG Interface Card Easy

Fronius DATCOM Operating Instructions

Fronius Datalogger Quick Installation Guide

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