Fronius 4240013Z Interface Card Easy, 1 IG inverter


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Fronius Interface Card easy - 4,240,013,Z

The Fronius Interface Card easy has a serial interface with an open data protocol, that enables following data from one Fronius IG inverter to be downloaded and processed:

  • current data

  • day information

  • total data

  • year information (only in combination with a datalogger)

  • The Interface Card easy is not a LocalNet-component, therefore it does not require a Com Card and Datalogger. The Interface Card easy offers following advantages:

Integration of system data in other IT systems (building control, alarm systems, etc.)

Data transfer to PC for other visualisation purposes (e.g. to include PV data on a homepage)

Interface to other data logging systems

Power is supplied to the Interface Card easy via the AC side of the inverter. This ensures that power is supplied to this component 24 hours a day.

Fronius IG Interface Card Easy

Fronius DATCOM Operating Instructions

Fronius Interface Manual

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