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The Fronius Interface Card / Box has a serial interface with an open data protocol that enables the latest PV data to be downloaded from the inverter and processed. This will have the following advantages:

  • Integration of system data in other IT systems (building control, alarm systems, etc.)
  • Data transfer to PC for other visualisation purposes (e.g. to include PV data on a homepage)
  • Interface to other data logging systems
  • Configuring the Interface Card / Box as a serial interface enables a PC or other devices to be connected. - As normal with Fronius DATCOM components, power for the Fronius Interface Card (Box) is supplied by an inverter or a plug-in power pack.

The new standard interface from Fronius is compatible with all Fronius IG inverters. The only prerequisite is that a Datalogger be present.

Fronius Personal Display

Fronius DATCOM Operating Instructions

Fronius Interface Manual

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