Fronius 4240003Z Datalogger Easy Card, 1 IG inverter


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Datalogging requires a Datalogger card be installed in one inverter in the system, or an external Datalogger Box attached to a COM card in the inverter. The Datalogger card stores the data collected from the inverters and any of the optional weather sensors, and connects to a PC or an external modem to allow you to monitor your PV system from anywhere in the world. Two versions of the Datalogger Box are available. The Datalogger Easy monitors one IG inverter. The Datalogger Pro can monitor up to 100 Fronius IG inverters.

Datalogger cards perform the same function as the Boxes.

The Easy card works for one inverter; the Pro card works for up to 100 inverters. Both cards work with a COM card and DatCom systems.

Fronius IG Interface Card Easy

Fronius DATCOM Operating Instructions

Fronius Interface Manual

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