Every Kids Needs Things That Fly


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By Ritchie Kinmont

Ever notice those kids who love to stare at the sky? Maybe you have a pilot in training? Written especially for the child who dreams of soaring above the clouds, this book shows parents and kids how to create cool airborne projects together-including a Blinking UFO to a Hot-Air Balloon and a Water-Bottle Rocket. 

Step-by-step instructions, illustrations, shopping and supply lists, and recommended tools accompany a variety of fun and stimulating activities. Each chapter has an introductory story and up to four activities for kids and adults, rated for skill level. From building a fleet of Popsicle stick airplanes to constructing a fantasy jet pack, Every Kid Needs Things That Fly gives parents and kids the tools and instructions they need to take off to where imagination is fuel and the sky is no longer the limit. It's a must-have addition to any workbench!

Ritchie Kinmont is a designer of industrial assembly machinery for an automotive company. His lifelong passion is tinkering in his workshop where his favorite projects are those he can do with his three young sons. Some of his inventions have been marketed through a major toy company. Ritchie earned his pilot's license while still a teenager and now shares his love of aviation and inventing with his sons. He lives in Utah.

Pages: 136

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