Dometic Gas Refrigerator - LP RGE400 8CF

Dometic Gas Refrigerator - LP RGE400 8CF


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Rugged and reliable, some of these refrigerators have been in continuous use over 50 years. Constant innovation makes the company the undisputed world leader in gas refrigeration. Remote location? No problem! The Dometic is perfect for campgrounds, lodges, cabins, and remote houses or cottages.

  • Easy to use and install - No vent needed
  • Totally silent
  • No wear and tear - No moving parts to wear out
  • Maintains a constant cooling temperature – the flame never goes out
  • Freezer temperatures stay below 0º F even in 100º F heat!
  • CSA approved; 1-year warranty

Remote location? No problem! The Dometic is perfect for campgrounds, lodges, cabins, and remote houses or cottages. Rugged and reliable. Some have been in continuous use over 50 years.

No wear and tear-The continuous absorption-type cooling unit is powered by the small amount of heat produced by the gas or kerosene burner. The liquid circulation of the unit is purely gravitational. There are no moving parts to wear out.

How it works-Heat makes cold through the natural cooling power of evaporation. An ammonia mixture permanently sealed inside the service-free cooling unit is heated and generates a never-ending cycle of evaporation and condensation.

Constant cooling-Conventional refrigerator compressors lower temperature then wait until interior warms up before starting again. The Dometic maintains a constant cooling temperature – the flame never goes out.

Totally silent-Those with access to electricity often purchase our Dometic refrigerators because they don’t want to listen to a noisy compressor. They also see a significant reduction in their electric bill. Fewer storage cells will be needed for your solar or wind-powered electric system.

Electric option-Plug in your Dometic for backup power or full time use. A heating element simply replaces the flame – still no compressor to go bad. One thermostat controls either gas or electric. Just turn a knob to switch from one fuel to the other.

The ultimate test-Even on the hottest days, a Dometic will keep your ice cream frozen solid. Ice cream requires colder temperatures than almost any other frozen food. The Dometic works so well freezer temperatures stay below 0º F even in 100º F heat! Double up for extra size-It’s hard to make an extra-large absorption-type refrigerator. As a result, really large gas refrigerators don’t work very well. If you need more space, we recommend putting two 8 cu ft Dometics side-by-side. The reversible doors allow you to create your own 16 cu ft double door refrigerator.

Easy to use and install -No vent needed. Light and control unit from front. Gas models take standard 3⁄8" female flared copper tubing connector.

Famous European craftsmanship- The Swedish company Electrolux AB, a pioneer in gas refrigeration, manufactures our Dometic products. Their constant innovation makes them the undisputed world leader in gas refrigeration. CSA approved. 1-year warranty.

All RGE400s have an interior light which requires 4 D batteries (not included).

Reversible doors, extra insulation, exterior drain, adjustable and removable shelves, interior light (battery operated), contemporary design. Free electric back-up power. Dual electric and gas thermostats ensure efficient operation with either fuel. Smooth, molded steel cabinet with rust-proof enameled finish and designer beveled edges. Easy non-electric push-button lighting. (No matches needed!) No corners to trap dirt and bacteria. Safety shut-off and CSA approval, of course.

Total capacity: 8.0 cu ft*
Shelf space: 11.55 sq ft
Freezer capacity: 1.6 cu ft
Freezer shelves: 3.78 sq ft
Dimensions: 63-1/2"H × 23"W × 26-1/2"D
Interior Dimensions
Freezer: 17"H × 13"W × 13"D
Refrigerator: 19"H × 36-1/2"W × 15"D
Clearance required: 4" top, 1" top, 1" rear**
Fuel use: 6.6-9.5 lb/wk, 1.6-2.2 gal/wk
Max burner output: 1500 BTU
120V electric: 325 watts/hr
Weight: 205 lb shipping, 167 lb net

*CSA-approved figure gives the actual amount of usable food storage space. Because electric refrigerators are permitted to overstate capacity, it is comparable to a 10 cubic foot electric refrigerator.
**Feet must be in place.

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