Woodland Style: Ideas and Projects for Bringing Foraged and Found Elements into Your Home


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By Marlene Hurley Marshall

Homes as different as a windswept farmhouse, a lakeside cabin, or a city brownstone can all be made more beautiful with decorative pieces crafted from found bits of the woodland landscape. Using easily found materials, responsibly collected on walks in woods or fields, artist and author Marlene Hurley Marshall creates stylish decorations that delight the senses with their natural colors, textures, and aromas. In Woodland Style, Marshall presents dozens of creative designs for natural home decor, along with step-by-step instructions. From the simple beauty of a dried-leaf collage to the eye-catching surprise of a bark-covered armoire, you'll find inspiration and instruction in these colorful pages. Spectacular photography by Sabine Vollmer von Falken brings each idea to brilliant life.

Pages: 160

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