Good Green Homes: Creating Better Homes for a Healthier Planet Hardcover


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by Jennifer Roberts

With striking photographs and compelling profiles of real homes that are making a difference, Good Green Homes celebrates the ways in which we can create places that are gorgeous, livable, and more environmentally responsible.

From a delightful cottage, an eco-friendly addition to an historic home, a trio of healthy and green city homes, an artist's studio on a wooded island, a vacation retreat in the wine country, a neighborhood of homes that are small in size but large in spirit, a resourcefully remodeled Victorian flat, and more, the homes provide an inspiring array of today's sustainable building movement.

Whether you plan to redecorate, remodel, move into a new home, or build a house from the ground up, Good Green Homes offers ideas, inspiration, and real-world advice to get you started. And it's easier than you may think. Creating a green home doesn't require adhering to a particular architectural style or following a set of rigid rules. Good green homes simply mean better homes-homes remodeled or built to save energy and resources, homes that enhance our well-being rather than sap our strength, homes that honor the natural abundance and beauty that surrounds us.

Good Green Homes lays out the principles of green building, from choosing a right-sized home to taking charge of the energy we use to selecting products that will keep our homes healthy, and more. It offers a wealth of practical suggestions for how we can start making changes that will put us on the road to a healthier and more environmentally sustainable future.

 Pages: 160

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