Gaia's Kitchen: Vegetarian Recipes for Family and Community


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By Julia Ponsonby

For almost 20 years Schumacher College at Dartington has been brewing up a unique potpourri of human connections, raising ecological awareness, and stimulating taste buds, and this recipe collection brings together the best dishes from the college. For many students and teachers, their stay at the college opened their eyes to how delicious vegetarian cooking can be. The cuisine at the college calls upon the best of Mediterranean, Californian, Indian, and Mexican vegetarian cooking; it celebrates old favorites rich in cheese and eggs, and offers a variety of tempting new vegan dishes using ingredients such as pulses, tofu, and tempeh. The cookbook discusses the ecological dimension of food production, together with issues concerning nutrition and special diets. Gaia's Kitchen offers a full repertoire of soups, main courses, salads, desserts, breads, cakes, and biscuits. Alongside family-size quantities, the book includes community-size quantities, making it invaluable for teaching centers, communities, and anyone who wants to prepare a vegetarian banquet for 30 or 40 friends.


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